Ultimately we would like to see more people, perhaps like yourself, living together in an eco-village like set-up. Our vision is to establish a community of people of diverse backgrounds and ages where together we can participate in the society in a positive and beneficial way, leading to undivided human society and harmonious global systems. This inspiring living model considers the wellbeing of everyone and everything on the planet and can be replicated anywhere

We would like to establish an environment where children are joyful and receive a holistic value-based education, youth and adults are able to learn skills and participate in work for self- sufficiency and prosperity and where the elders are able to provide guidance and receive the support and care from their family and community. People can practice living in their families free from friction and compromises and families are able to ensure self sufficiency through eco- friendly production, while exchanging their produce with other families free from profit and loss. In such a set-up everyone is taken care of and can feel purposeful by recognizing their importance and role in the entire community. This is an environment where everyone is enriched. We envision a set-up where our psychological and emotional needs are met by the quality of our relationships, and our physical needs largely from our own self-reliance through our land, labour and skills.

Any individual who does not have a family, will have an opportunity to be an integral part of a family as well as the entire community.