This model does not propose that change will happen only from the bottom up, and neither is it suggesting change through a top down method. The principle to implementthis proposal is an “adopt and evolve method”. This simply means any person, institution or government at any level can adopt this model and evolve from their current situation. Thus, no-one has to wait for others to change. This proposal is based on the principles of harmonious coexistence which have a definite direction for natural progress, development and evolution in accord with natural systems, so no individual, institution or government will regress after adopting this model. This system provides a golden opportunity for everyone, at every level and stage.

It is important to acknowledge here that there is no dependency on the current sovereign nations and world leaders to actualize this model. In order to bring a transformative shift in the society, there is a requirement to educate people so they can recognize the necessity and develop the ability to ensure inner resolution and harmonious relationships for living well personally and collectively. If common people can recognize the importance of forming a family-team based on the shared human aims to ensure wellbeing through inner resolution and prosperity, then gradually and naturally we will be able to form a healthy community and thus achieve autonomy at the village/township level. To actualize this model we don’t have to fight, protest or rebel, we simply need a proper education system. This way of harmonious living can be realized without any government engagement. No government will have any problem if their citizens are being educated to live well in relationships, families and communities. Recognizing the importance of forming a family-team as suggested for personal fulfillment, and of forming the community and township/village for the fulfillment of the family-team, will be the most effective and empowering act we can do today to bring profound systemic change in the world.

If the current nation-states do not recognize the necessity, or do not show interest in taking immediate action, we can still work to actualize this model in good time. The principle for living a good life with genuine happiness and satisfaction is the same for all people, including celebrities, world leaders, and other prominent or powerful figures. If people can begin to participate in global governance through models of exemplary living and cooperation, then others will quickly gain inspiration to invest resources and engage existing institutions to build momentum in the direction of fulfilling the shared human aims.