Our alternative Value-Based Education supports the holistic development of students by fostering their understanding and ability to live in harmony at all levels of existence. Students that successfully complete this education will be able to possess the following six qualities:

  1. Trust (Assurance) Within Self
    Students will gain clarity that human needs are definite and will feel assured that there is a complete provision in nature to fulfill all of the needs of humankind and that a tradition of living it can be ensured. They will recognize their definite role in the coexistence, which brings about assurance within oneself and in his/her capabilities and knowledge. As a result, students will become free from fear, doubt, uncertainty, instability, and greed.
  2. Respect for Excellence
    In order to fulfill our definite role in the coexistence, students recognize the importance of definite humane conduct (living with values, character and ethics). Thus, students have an acceptance for the inherent excellence in human beings and recognize those who have put effort towards achieving our shared human goal. As a result, continuous qualitative improvement within is ensured and students become free from competition, jealousy, enviousness, opposition and guilt.
  3. Attainment of Talent
    Students will possess a holistic understanding with knowledge, wisdom and science (complete understanding of what, why and how). This understanding takes into consideration the wellbeing of all human beings and everything on the planet. This results in clarity about oneself, the existence, the human aim how to fulfill it through harmonious living. As a result, students become free from ignorance, unrealistic expectations and incapabilities
  4. Balanced Personality
    By possessing the above holistic understanding, students demonstrate a balanced personality in which food, lifestyle and behaviour are aligned with humanness (considers the wellbeing of everything on the planet). As a result, students become free from friction, struggle, opposition and war with human beings as well as free from exploitation and activities that cause imbalance in nature. Instead, we become complementary to human beings and everything else in nature
  5. Sociality in Behaviour
    Every human being has three assets: body, mind and wealth. Students develop the tendency to righteously use these three assets, which brings happiness within and is acceptable to all human beings. As a result, students live with human values and become free from exploitation, lack of commitment in relationship and hurtful inhumane work.
  6. Self-sufficiency in Occupation
    Students accept their relationship with other human being and have the tendency to be helpful and complementary to those around them. They become capable of working collaboratively with their own family and with other families to fulfill all of their material needs and ensure prosperity in the family, while maintaining the ecological balance with its richness and diversity. As a result, there is balance between rich and poor and students become free from owner-worker/servant mentality, profit mentality, exploitation, lack, accumulation and imbalance.