This innovative model is founded on the following beliefs and principles:

  • The entire existence innately is in a state of harmonious coexistence of space and mutually interacting units (nature or matter)
  • Units (nature) are saturated in all-pervasive space (equilibrium energy) – Thus, units are continuously energized, active, and self-regulated
  • The harmonious coexistence of limitless space (energy) and nature (activity) is inseparable, indestructible and imperishable
  • Matter, plant, animal and human are inseparable entities of nature
  • The Earth is one (undivided)
  • The human race is one
  • The human purpose is one: harmony within oneself, harmony within humankind, harmony with the environment
  • A harmonious society is undivided
  • Everything (other than human beings) in the existence from the atomic to cosmic level coexists together in harmony naturally
  • Human beings have the potential to actualize the inherent harmony in the existence through systematic study, education and practice

These principles are the basic propositions of the world-view of Harmonious Coexistence, and are the core assumptions for our education and living.