What is the cost for the course?
There is no fee for the course itself. We do not believe that education and knowledge should be commodified and are happy to share our understanding without any price attached. In order to run our centre, there is a cost for room and board. The cost for the entire 3 months food and accommodation is $2,100 CAD per participant.

If you are for some reason unable to cover this cost, please let us know. We try our best not to turn anyone down on the basis of ones financial situation.

Why do we provide our education for free?
We have ensured our sustainability through our own labour and effort. We have created a self-sustaining community where we all live with a feeling of abundance. We see the importance and necessity of sharing this vision and way of living with all, so together we can actualize a better world. We feel great and fortunate just to share this knowledge. We would like this knowledge and living to be accessible for all.
How do we manage our finances?
We have a number of endeavours here at the centre for generating our resources. This allows us to run our centre in a self-reliant way without seeking donations or grants. To learn about of few of our endeavours, please see here. Participants who engages here will be able to be involved in our production activities and work.
Do we receive any funds from government or private agencies?
No, we do not receive or take any funds from any kind of institution.
Do we accept any donations?
No, we do not accept any donations from anyone.
Why do we not accept any donations?
As mentioned, we do not require any donations because we are able to ensure more than what we need though our various work activities. We live together with self-reliance and do not require any more. Secondly, we don’t believe in receiving just contributions. We engage in this process of living with our full involvement, not just contributing partially. This living brings wellbeing and satisfaction for us, and we also see that it is good for our future generations and for all.