We currently live in a rapidly changing world characterized by modernity, new developments and sophisticated technologies resulting in comfortable living. On the other hand, the world is also witnessing rapidly growing issues such as:

  • Global warming, climate change, pollution, environmental degradation and resource depletion
    Loss of trust and increasing insecurity among human beings
  • Inequality and accumulation of wealth leading to extreme poverty and widening the gap between ‘the rich’ and ‘the poor’
  • Engagement of a large portion of humankind’s capacity and resources into destructive activities such as violence, war, terrorism, etc.
  • Growing relationship issues and family break-up
  • Complex psychological problems (e.g., depression, anxiety, tension, stress, loneliness, boredom, frustration)

As a comprehensive solution to the complex global challenges facing humanity, we, at the Centre for Harmonious Coexistence, are exploring and living according to the Worldview of Harmonious Coexistence propounded by A. Nagraj. We are striving to ensure balanced living by ensuring complementary and harmonious relationships with each other and the environment. The worldview of Harmonious Coexistence provides a comprehensive vision and blueprint for a new holistic education system and harmonious global organizational structures from the local to global level.

Throughout the past several years, we have witnessed very encouraging results. We have been able to successfully practice a satisfying and balanced life. Our personal and collective experiences of friction-free relationships with each other and the impact it has had on society, have given us confidence that together, we can attempt to solve the global challenges and problems we face. It has been postulated in this philosophy, and we, in our limited experience, have found it to be true that any human being from any nation, religion, race, gender, caste, or creed can develop the capacity to live a fulfilling, joyous and prosperous life. This capacity can be established within our immediate relationships, in society and in the world at large.