Who can attend?
The course is intended for anyone between the ages of 18 – 40
Can a family attend this course together?
Yes, parents can attend this course together with their children even if the children are younger than 18.
How do I enrol?
To enrol, please fill out our application form. We will review each application and upon your acceptance, send you an email confirmation with next steps.



Is this University recognized by any governments or educational institutions?
No, we are not officially recognized or affiliated with any government or private institution. Neither are we structured or organized like any conventional school (boards, professors, faculties, administration etc…)
Will I receive any credits, degree, certificate etc from this course?
No, we do not provide any accreditation or certification for completion of this course.
Why do you not provide any accreditation?
We do not believe in degrees or diplomas as a validation for ones ability.
Though participation in joyful community living and self-reliant work, individuals will be able to gain the inner-confidence to live a happy and prosperous life. This inner-confidence itself becomes ones certification, thus freeing them from the dependancy and pressure of external validation in the form of degrees/certificates.
Unlike the current educational institutions, this program is not designed to prepare individuals for an industrial-style job in this existing marketplace. We see that it is very unhealthy for individuals to work such long hours under these stressful conditions with very little freedom or time off. This program has been consciously designed for individuals to gain confidence in meaningful and dignified work, thus developing self-reliance in their occupation and the ability to live a life full of celebration in togetherness.
If you don’t provide any certificate or degree, then what will I get from this course?
By participating in this course, individuals will be able to see the following outcomes in their living:

  • Inner confidence
  • Respect for excellence
  • Trust in ones own talent
  • Balanced personality
  • Sociality in behaviour
  • Self-sufficiency in occupation

For details explanation, please see here

Based on the above, then why do you call this a University?
We feel that the way Universities are currently running, they do not fulfill the intent and responsibility of education. These institutions have become the fuel to run the existing systems, which are responsible for the current state of our planet. After having establishing so many universities, there is still no evidence that humanity is able to ensure a healthy condition for society and the environment. The responsibility of education should be to equip students to live with happiness and prosperity and to live in such a way which considers and ensures the wellbeing of all.


What is the weather like?
We are located in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, so weather can vary quite a lot. There can be quite a difference between day time and night time temperatures, with peak day time temperatures reaching 30 °C in August, and night time temperatures as low as 5 °C.
What clothes should I bring?
In addition to normal summer clothes, make sure to bring enough for cooler morning and evening temperatures (long pants and sweaters). Activities range from making herbal health products to working in the garden, so also make sure to bring distinct clothes which you don’t mind to get dirty, and others for leisure.
Do I need to bring towels, sheets, pillow, blanket etc?
No, you do not need to bring any of the above as we can supply whatever linens you require.
What are some other important things which I should bring?
Some other things which will be useful during your stay: Headlamp/Flashlight, Water Bottle, A Lined Notebook, and Personal Toiletries. Please be prepared, but rest assured if you have forgotten something, we are not far from the city of Calgary and the town of Bragg Creek. We also have a surplus of supplies here at the lodge and are glad to share if you need something.


When does the course begin?
The course begins on June 1st at 10:00 am and ends August 31st.
When should I arrive?
Participants should arrive no later than May 31st as the course introduction will begin 10:00 am on the morning of June 1st. Please do not plan to arrive the morning of June 1st. With pre-arrangement, participants are welcome to arrive early to the community anytime in the month of May.
How do I get there?
UHL is located 30 minutes from the City of Calgary. There is no public transportation access to reach to the property. Please inform us of your flight or bus schedule, and we will plan to pick you up from the airport / bus terminal. For our exact location, simply search “Folk Tree Lodge” on Google Maps.


Where will I stay?
You will be staying in one of the 5 tiny homes on the property. Some are large enough to be shared, and others are more suitable for one person. If you have a preference where you would like to stay or questions regarding accommodations please let us know. We have two common bathrooms and one outhouse.
What will be the food?
All food at UHL is organic (as much as possible) and vegan (with exception of honey). Meals will be shared 3 times a day. Learning healthy cooking and kitchen management is part of ones education, so occasionally you will participate in the food preparation.
In what language is the course?
The course will be conducted in English, however do have people on the property who can speak Spanish, French, German, Hindi and Hebrew.
Is there internet access?
Yes, we do have internet access. Based on our semi-rural location we have a monthly data limit and thus ask participants to use the internet responsibly.
What is your drugs and alcohol policy?
We ourselves do not engage in any drugs, smoking, marijuana, alcohol etc.

We do not allow the use drugs, alcohol, marijuana etc. at our campus. We highly discourage smoking cigarettes/tobacco, however do have tolerance if someone needs to smoke tobacco in designated smoking areas away from the common spaces. Please understand that by registering, you also agree to put effort towards reducing/stopping your smoking habit while on campus. If you require to smoke, please do so privately and do not engage/offer others who might be working to quit this habit.