The City of Harmony Project (CHP) is a program of the Centre for Harmonious
Coexistence. It is a collaborative initiative of many individuals and organizations with a
unified and cohesive vision aimed at making cities more inclusive, peaceful and
sustainable places. The CHP:

  • Inspires and creates a learning ecosystem where our diverse talents, skills and
    expertise can be utilized to transform the world by transforming ourselves, our relationships and the places where we live.
  • Educates, empowers and equips civil society with the necessary understanding
    and skills to transform our cities and realize global harmony

With a unique combination of a wholistic worldview and practical application, individuals
are empowered to become capable of envisioning and ensuring sustaining solutions
from the personal to global level.


  • Understand how to ensure inner balance, lasting happiness, health and
  • Experience mutually-fulfilling relationships built upon trust, respect and love as
    well as cooperation towards common goals
  • Develop practical solutions to ensure a just, undivided society rooted in mutual
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding and tools to help you move towards a
    more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with all of nature

Guiding Values and Principles
The City of Harmony Project (CHP) is an initiative built upon the following guiding

  • Transforming the World by Transforming Ourselves: Inner transformation is
    the foundation for transforming our relationships, systems and the places
    in which we live.
  • A Solution-Centric Approach: We strive to create an alternative model rather than
    oppose the existing structure and seek to find attainable and sustaining solutions
    to our challenges (personal to global).
  • Human Relationships are the Foundation: While financial and physical resources
    drive our current system, this initiative sets the groundwork for a relationship-
    centred model whereby transformation and lasting changes come from
    recognizing the value of human relationships and connection.
  • Collaboration: Transformation best occurs in collaboration. Individuals and
    organizations with diverse skill-sets, collectively work towards meaningful
    change, and inspire alternative models that can be replicated elsewhere.
  • Transparency and Accessibility: Effective initiatives come from a place of
    transparency. All workshop facilitators come together to share their skills and
    knowledge free of charge as a gift. Registration fees may be charged in some
    occasions to simply cover the cost of meals, tea and snacks.

The Power of Collaboration
This project is built upon the strength of relationships and the power of the collective
force to achieve something that could not be achieved independently. This partnership
is comprised of organizations, leaders and experts at the forefront of positive change in
various fields who share their expertise with each other in order to achieve self-
transformation, leading to global transformation. This comprehensive model will give
rise to new generations of citizens who are equipped to provide a new and inspiring
outlook and model of living that will ensure harmony within themselves, their
relationships and with everything in the environment.

Program Themes/layout
This includes thematic areas and activities that participants will partake in.

  • Raising Awareness and Building Capacity for Inner-Harmony and the Wellbeing
    of all
  • Global Citizens for Social Change: (Total solution through inner-resolution)
  • Dynamic Peacemakers / Changemakers (Peace-centred action for a peaceful
  • Creating Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Homes through Mutually-Fulfilling
  • Happy Relations for Meaningful Participation (The science and art of joyous family
  • Happy Parents, Peaceful Homes (Conscious Parenting: Planting Seeds for
  • Initiative for a Fearless, Undivided and Harmonious Global Community (Social
    and Cultural)
  • Carving a New Path! Educating ourselves to ensure a fearless society and a
    peaceful, undivided world
  • Cyclical Economics: Ensuring mutual prosperity and just-ful exchange, free from
    Profit and Loss
  • Re-examining notions of identity
  • Innovative Education: Creating A Wholistic Learning Ecosystem
  • Connecting with neighbours for making resilient communities of the future
  • Creative Placemaking and Learning Parks (Strengthening Relationships and
    Creating peaceful public spaces)
  • Eat Responsibly: Understanding the link between food, social justice and
  • Celebration Without Market: Awareness about recognizing our needs properly
  • Harmony Cafe for New Possibilities: A place for alternative discourse on
    meaningful education, politics without power, economics for mutual enrichment,
    exchange free from profit and loss and justice with mutual happiness, etc.
  • World without Weapons: Nuclear Disarmament
  • Generous Shop (Pay it Forward): Reviving the tradition of gift culture and feeling
    connected with humanity and nature
  • Inspiring Change through Meaningful Films
  • Reviving meaningful stories and cooperative games
  • TV Turn Off: Using our precious time wisely for personal growth, social good and
    active involvement in meaningful activities.
  • Creative Expression Through the Arts: Inspiring a new outlook
  • Sustainable Living Initiative for a Healthy Body and a Healthy Planet (Physical
    and Ecological)

  • Organic Movement, Biodynamic and Permaculture Design
  • Grow Food Not Lawns (Growing our own food and taking simple steps towards
    food sovereignty)
  • Composting: Healing the Earth
  • Seed Sovereignty: Freedom from GMO and protection of traditional natural seeds
  • Basics of Eco-Building, Eco-Design, Eco-Architecture and Earth Crafts
  • Creating Zero Waste Green Homes
  • Upcycling: Re-imagining to create wealth from our waste
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Save Every Drop (Water Conservation Project: Using water wisely)
  • Using Renewable Energy: Building Eco-Cities
  • Car-free Alternative Transportation: Reclaiming the Power of Feet and Wheels
  • Health through Yoga and Tai Chi
  • Slow Food, Healthy Cooking and Herbal Healing
  • Learning Low Impact Living
  • Building Healthy Spaces
  • Arts and Crafts using local and recycled materials
  • Ecology Tour: Understanding Ecosystems through Local Flora and Fauna
  • Peace Meal for Unity in Diversity
  • Giftival (Harmony Fest)