Considering there are already so many mainstream and alternative universities across the world then why do we need another one? What is unique about this university?

In our current system, we can clearly see a growing disconnect between our education and living. In addition to this, we can also witness the following:

  • Contradiction between our innate wants, our actions and the resultant outcomes
  • Non-coherence in our thought, speech and actions
  • Friction between and within individuals, families, societies, and nations
  • Discord in our culture, civilization, norms and governance systems
  • Disconnect between human beings and nature

UHL works to bring coherence in the above points. This is not a regular or alternative university, neither a way of learning and education that we have seen in general. In this model living itself is ones education, and education is the way we live with each other and the environment. In other words, having understanding is knowing how to live in harmony and living in harmony itself is understanding; Living and Understanding are synonymous.

At UHL we recognize the following four inseparable aspects of human living:

  1. Realization
  2. Thought
  3. Behaviour
  4. Work

Our living is arranged for balanced focus in all four aspects of life. Simply through daily routine at UHL one can foster:

  1. Realization of Harmonious Coexistence in existence; The vision of a global system where all of matter, plants, animals and humans can sustainably coexist in harmony and balance.
  2. Resolved thought which is free from contradictions, confusion and problems.
  3. Judicious behaviour which is free from friction and opposition with others.
  4. Complementary and sustainable work which is free from exploitation of natural resources and human labour.