We have been thoroughly engaged in a new, holistic education program, ‘Consciousness Development through Value-Based Education with our children. We offer weekly enriching education opportunities for other children and their families to join us in this process. We are immersed in exploring intrinsic values (eg. trust, care, gratitude, etc.) and relationships in our lives through songs, poems, cooperative games, hands-on activities, meaningful stories, art, dialogues and inquiry as well as joyfully exploring our natural surroundings together. Our approach is integrative, family based and encourages children to recognize all of their relationships in their life, be it with their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, friends, neighbours or with everything in their environment. Our lives are truly rooted in relationships. As children understand this better, a sense of gratitude begins to emerge, which is a source of happiness. You are always welcome to join us with your children in this inspiring, collaborative, creative and caring environment where positive character traits, values and relationships are central. Open to children and their families or teachers wanting to learn more about this unique and effective approach. If you want to engage or learn more, contact us for details.