Self-transformation, harmonious relationships and global co-operation are necessary to provide solutions to the risks and challenges facing humanity. We urgently need a new comprehensive education system with relevant content to provide holistic understanding so that human beings can acquire the ability to make proper decisions and develop the capacity to coexist in harmony with each other and the environment. This education will help students gain inspiration and cultivate a new vision to actualize their fullest potential and harness the power of togetherness to address the current challenges and establish a harmonious and sustainable world. Along with a new value-based education model, we also urgently need to transform the current governance system and establish a harmonious global governance structure to ensure the opportunity for all to live with genuine happiness, prosperity, trust and balance. In order to establish new governance systems, a shift in education is required. Through proper education we can bring awareness (to individuals and institutions) about our current challenges and the necessity to transform the governance system to address all the challenges in effective and timely manner.