• Provide an educational environment that is relevant for the transition from the current state of society and environment to a harmonious and sustainable state.
  • Enable a holistic and inter-connected view of life, leading to self-transformation and realization of one’s full potential
  • Develop the ability for solution-centric, whole systems thinking and comprehensive reasoning to properly understand harmony in the existence from the atomic to the cosmic level
  • Apply the holistic understanding of harmony in living to lead an ethical life and take control of one’s well-being and success
  • Develop the ability to assess current issues and challenges facing humanity from local to global levels and find sustainable solutions in purview of holistic understanding of the innate harmony in natural systems
  • Develop necessary life skills, soft skills and occupational skills to ensure employability as well as exposure to new, meaningful and dignified livelihoods to gain confidence in starting one’s own green enterprises
  • Lead a profound life with genuine happiness, prosperity, harmony and balance by comprehending our role in the existence
  • Enable inculcation of the following to transform one’s own life and improve life around oneself:
    1. Universal Human Values such as trust, respect, affection, kindness, compassion , etc.
    2. Profound Social Character such as commitment in relationships, righteous livelihood and kindness in work and behaviour
    3. Ethics of righteous utilization and protection of all resources
  • Enable balanced living by having harmony in the following four dimensions of personal life:
    1. Realization (Experience)
    2. Thought
    3. Behaviour
    4. Work
  • Capacity building for social and civic engagement and becoming responsible global citizens by recognizing and fulfilling one’s participation in:
    1. Family
    2. Society
    3. Nation-State & Inter-Nation
    4. With Nature & the Earth