This innovative education satisfies the following criterions mentioned below:

  • Universal: It is universally applicable to all human beings, at all places.
  • Secular: It is not dependent on any caste, creed, religion, nationality, race or sect
  • Rational: It appeals to human reasoning and intuition. It yields to logic and is free from mysticism, preaching, rituals, and blind faith
  • Verifiable: It can be self-investigated and experientially verified
  • Practical and Livable: Not merely an intellectual exercise but comes in living – improves quality of understanding and living and leads to harmony with humans and the environment.
  • Accessible: Shareable, inclusive, and understandable by all
  • Natural for human being: It is naturally acceptable to every human being, natural to existence/nature and there is provision in nature for its fulfillment. It does not have to be imposed and is realizable.
  • Comprehensive: It proposes a holistic basis for harmonious living, encompassing all facets of human life.