Inspiring Harmonious Living
Madhyasth Darshan (The Worldview of Harmonious Coexistence) propounded by A. Nagraj, is a comprehensive knowledge system that fosters holistic and harmonious living. It is a new development in human understanding which proposes that all of existence is a harmonious system in coexistence. Everything is related to everything else and nothing exists in isolation. There is an inherent harmony and balance in existence and everything in nature is complementary and mutually enriching each other.

In order for human beings to be in harmony and balance within and with all, there is a need to understand this coexistence and live accordingly. Understanding oneself, harmony in the existence and human conduct (living with values, character and ethics), leads to living in harmony with each other and everything else in nature. Living with humane conduct is the foundation for establishing harmonious global systems leading to harmony and sustainability on Earth.

The worldview of Harmonious Coexistence inspires people to live harmoniously by providing holistic and practical solutions for all facets of human life – personal, family/interpersonal, social and ecological. It proposes a comprehensive, yet simple and practical understanding by which we can achieve a sustainable and harmonious co-existence between humankind and everything in the environment. This proposal is completely verifiable through experience and experimentation.

The worldview of Harmonious Coexistence provides a new ‘alternative‘ in the fields of education, health, economics, socio-political structure, judicial systems, constitution, production and management models, technology, and ecological sustainability. An exploration of this worldview reveals that whatever problems or questions one has, there is always an answer in the existence.