A global governance model adequate to address challenges to the well-being of
humans and the entire planet must be based on a way of thinking that serves those
purposes. The observation that we cannot solve the problems we face using the same
thinking that produced the problems in the first place (Einstein) makes the point. Until
now, humans have experimented with various forms of governance from monarchy to
parliamentary democracy with extraordinary emphasis on and influence from the
economy/capital or faith/religion. These models are the result of matter centred
ideology rooted in uncertainty and instability (Materialism), and God centred ideology,
rooted in mysticism (Spiritualism/Theism/Idealism). Considering the complexity, pace,
depth, and seriousness of global challenges and threats, only improvements or reforms
will not be enough. For transformation in governance, humanity urgently needs a new
way of thinking that can provide the basis for a model which is harmonious, effective,
agile, accountable, and inclusive.

As an alternative, the model presented here is based on the worldview of Harmonious
Coexistence which is a holistic view centred on humanness and humanity, rooted in
existential harmony. If we want to fix the problems at their root and find sustaining
solutions and preventions for the global crisis, then a new model with a fresh vision is

Worldview of Harmonious coexistence provides a comprehensive vision for creating an
undivided harmonious society and an effective global governance system, which is the
basis for establishing global cooperation to accomplish our shared human aims and
purpose of living.