The UWO General Assembly will issue recommendations and establish global cooperation. Recommendations will be non-binding, unless they are pertaining to the sustenance of the Earth and humanity. All the endeavours of UWO are intended to accomplish the four shared human aims.
The General Assembly will be responsible to actualize the necessary conditions where every citizen can have the opportunity to develop the capacity and confidence to attain:

  • Inner resolution in every individual through holistic value-based education
  • Prosperity in every family or team by ensuring availability of adequate means, skills, training, and health for meaningful production work
  • Trust and fearlessness in the society by enabling equal opportunity, justice, human security, and the fair exchange of human labour free from exploitation, profit and loss
  • Harmonious Coexistence on the Earth by ensuring balance in all the entities of nature (matter, plants, animals and humans) as well as among all nations and international organizations

To accomplish these objectives, the General Assembly will nominate responsible and eligible members for all five councils, who will be accountable to provide education, training, research, programs, and implementation. In fulfilling this responsibility, all five
councils will elect a director for their council, and will have the rights to establish committees, agencies and appoint delegates, etc., as needed with the consent of the General Assembly.