Every human being equally wishes to live with inner resolution, prosperity, trust and harmonious coexistence. These shared human aims are the basis for (1) humane conduct in a person, and (2) for the global governance system. The combination of these two gives rise to global guidelines which are defined in the form of a humane constitution and legislation. Every citizen naturally accepts such guidelines described
in the constitution, as they are for fulfilling the aims of ones own living. The universal acceptance of such essential guidelines in the form of a constitution paves the way for natural emulation at every level. In the ten-tiered system, every assembly has a primary role to follow the guidelines described in the constitution. To fulfill their responsibilities and duties, they recognize their accountability and participate by implementing the five programs through five councils. The programs are complimentary and compatible at all
10 tiers.

Note: The Worldview of Harmonious Coexistence provides a constitutional framework and guidelines for global human conduct and a global governance system as well as a proposal for holistic and humane education to ensure the understanding to actualize this.