• The first and foremost aim of Global Governance is to ensure that we, as citizens of this Earth, are able to accomplish our shared human aims.
  • To ensure that the Earth continues to be intact as one undivided unit, with its natural abundance, beauty, and diversity
  • To ensure fair economic and political policies that are free from exploitation, so that every citizen across the globe can feel safe, secure, and valued
  • To ensure every citizen is skilled, proficient in behaviour, and wise by providing proper education
  • To establish national and international relations to ensure – 
    – Human security worldwide
    – Responsible use of all natural resources
    – Availability of holistic and humane education for all
    – Development of appropriate technologies that are people-friendly and planet-friendly
    – The opportunity, means and the ability for all to live with happiness and prosperity
  • To provide the education, framework and guidelines for the rights, responsibilities and duties at every level of social organization for participation in global governance