In light of the above principles, there is a need to:

  • Develop holistic understanding and necessary skills to solve challenges that threaten humanity.
  • Understand justice to ensure fulfilling relationships with each other.
  • Develop a comprehensive vision for righteous utilization of our body, mind and wealth.
  • Recognize and fulfill one’s responsibilities and duties as an individual, as a member of family, as a member of society, as a citizen of this planet Earth.
  • Design and develop a holistic and integrated education system to make this understanding easily available to every human being
  • Identify ethical and appropriate political and economic policies, constitutional frameworks and organizational structures to solve complex problems of the world collectively to ensure harmony among people and on the planet.
  • Learn how to use natural resources in a sustainable manner by recognizing our integral relationship with the Earth.
  • Ensure a way of living that leads to freedom from fear, insecurity and exploitation and ensures justice, sustainability, and peace across the globe.

By considering all of the above points, we are proposing a new education system with unique content, and a collaborative process which is wholistic, harmonious and sustainable. This in turn will lead to a new self-organized, decentralized and networked global governance model that will be effective in tackling various man-made global crisis. We believe that this proposal will fulfill the long awaited innate human need to live with happiness, prosperity, harmony, and balance.