The features of this governance model that provide for timely and effective decision-
making, capable of addressing challenges without undue delays, are as follows:

  • The equal rights of members and a small assembly size at each tier
  • No veto power for an assembly at any tier of the model
  • A well networked, self-organized and collaborative global system with each tier being a subsystem of the next larger part
  • Active participation of every citizen in decision-making, building confidence in the governance process
  • Availability of means for every citizen to help fulfill shared human aims
  • Multilevel participation of each elected representative, i.e. any member of an assembly is also a leader of an assembly at the next lower level
  • Unique rights, responsibilities, and duties of each tier assembly leading to synergy and complementariness due to unity of the goals
  • Entire global governance system sharing a worldview, aims, and programs; and acting to address oncerns and challenges as a unified organism.