The Worldview of Harmonious Coexistence proposes a decentralized, self-organized, networked, and collaborative global governance model that will be effective in tackling and preventing global threats, and has the possibility to ensure justice, peace and sustainability on the Earth. The entire system is arranged into ten-tiers, where each tier is a self-organizing harmonious system within itself and is a subsystem aggregated in the larger subsystem. In this model autonomy is established at the third tier as the ‘Autonomous Township/Village’. Here, autonomy means the availability of the five programs for fulfillment (education, justice, production, exchange, and health) for everyone. The Autonomous Township/Village is the basis for an undivided human society. Team or family is the first tier of the system, which is the fundamental unit of the Township/Village. Suppose this entire global governance structure is like a human body, in which there are many organs collaborating together to ensure harmony and balance in the entire system. The team, which is the first tier, is like a cell of this body. Just as each cell is a harmonious system within itself and participates in the larger system of the body, the team is the first building block of the global system. The individual is the basic unit of this team.

We believe that this proposal will fulfill humans long-awaited desire to actualize a harmonious world. This global governance system will be arranged into the following ten-tiers:

– Ten-Tiered Networked Global Governance



Tiers Names Alternative Names Approximate Number of People
1st Tier Team Family 101
2nd Tier Community Family Group 102
3rd Tier Township/Village Township/Village Family 103
4th Tier Block Family 104
5th Tier District District Family 105
6th Tier Province Zonal Family Group 106
7th Tier Team Family 107
8th Tier Nation-State Central-State Family 108
9th Tier Regional Organization Principal-State Family 109
10th Tier United World Organization World-State Family 1010